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about us.

The Coding Sisterhood is an organization that aims to promote gender inclusivity in computer science and throughout STEM. It was co-founded in 2021 by Arjita Saha, Rachel Fernandes, Kenia Miranda, Jewell Callahan, Sorfina Raza and Katherine Liu with the goal of creating a community of STEM-loving gender minority students. It aims to reach individuals from all over the world to experience coding, regardless of background or expertise. We host hackathons, hold webinars and workshops, and manage a warm and supporting online community of female/non-binary students wanting to pursue computer science. 

We are a group of passionate individuals who strive to make coding accessible and engaging for everyone, no matter where they are in the world. Our mission is to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment where learners of all backgrounds can come together to explore the exciting world of programming.

meet our founders.


Arjita Saha


Rachel Fernandes


Sorfina Raza

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Kenia Miranda


Jewell Callahan


Katherine Liu

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